[BHR] EGD Day Review #1 - Jump By Thrash56

Review by spellmage on Friday, January 21st 2011
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Jump is a game created by thrash56

So, I will be reviewing every game in the EGL starting from my least favorite (Jump) to my favorite (Clip). This game made number 25 on my list, which isn't bad because it is paired up against the best of the best.

Anyways, in this game, you must jump from platform to platform, what thrash didn't take into account, was that you could use the sword glitch. Which made the game ten times easier. No this game didn't make it into the EGL because of an amazing action sequence, or brilliant puzzle. It made it in because it provided a new challenge to the table.

One thing to another, I wasn't really impressed with this game, it gave you a third grade challenge (unless you didn't use your sword) with a very little map to explore in which you can finish the game in around 50 seconds. This definitely didn't help it's score. There was some fun to it though, and along with the fun came frustration. So I decided to play it without my sword (It can get really hard.) By the time I got to the breakable bricks my game started to lag a little bit, which made my character break away the whole platform and fall down a large pit into the fire below him. Not a great fate for our young traveler.

But no matter how immersed you get into the gameplay, it ends in less than a minute, which seemed too short. In fact, it's small map will make this review a bit shorter than I would like (Not all of the EGL reviews will be this short) So let's move to the Pros and Cons



No lag - You handled the lag very well, and the only reason it lagged for me was because I was playing songs while playing the game.)

Hard when played right - This game was amazing when played without the sword

Punishment for failing a jump - Just what this game needs in order to increase it's difficulty

Creativity - Great idea!

Non- bypassible - You cannot bypass a single area even with the sword glitch



Small map - Could use a larger map, because this was more than just a bit too small

Too easy - It is very easy to use the sword glitch



Map size: __/_____
Object placement: _____/_____
Lag: _____/_____
Creativity: _____/_____
Epicness: ____/_____
Platforming: _____/_____

Score: 4.3/5 rounded down to a 4/5

Reason it got into the EGL: Revolutionary to sploder

Players suggestions: Make the game larger and you will defiantly raise the grade up.


Jump Reviewed by spellmage on Friday, January 21st 2011. [BHR] EGD Day Review #1 - Jump By Thrash56 - A game review written by spellmage for the game 'Jump' by thrash56. Rating: 0.5