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Review by spidapig on Sunday, February 13th 2011
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Imperial Crush 2 is a game created by staylor21fan

Ok, to start this review out, I will do a couple of paragraphs on my personal opinions and how I fared in this game.

To begin, I was forced to think pretty fast with the mortars, tanks, and cruisers coming after me. I was kinda thinking this game was going to be a bit repetitive; however, I don't think I'll tell you my opinion on this until later in the game. I have a couple words that will describe this game.

Paced: This game contains almost a 'conscientious' pace. As I stepped into the game, I noticed the placement and how it seemed that Staylor didn't want any person be able to fire away and get past these parts, he wanted them to think on the fly and take direction and deliberation with their actions.

Enthusiastic: But maybe this word is too weak or general. Ardent suits it much more. As you flow through the game, it isn't just kill this, kill that, and maybe a little "Ugh, a puzzle." It's new and collaborative with its elements and gameplay.

Monotonous: As I told you before, I would explain how I felt on this game's repetitiveness. And truthfully, it is quite repetitive at times. I would have to do the same exact thing twice in this game as it mirrored itself. This is ok, as it increases the length of the game, but it does more harm the help.

Now, time for the semi-impartial part of the review

To recap what I said before: Beginning good, action-packed, repetitive. But how about the rest of the game? And what does the beginning sound like without my totally biased opinion? Since I know you are dying to have these questions answered, I will do so now.

The beginning is action-packed, even-paced, and often repetitive. The parts after that have good placement of enemies and objectives. But again, are a bit repetitive. The traps are nice and sometimes too many magnets or repellers are stacked on top of each other, but that might just be part of his idea of how it should work.

The middle is basically an area with flags that you must get and take back to the center area with the base. And after that is to capture the remaining crystals left over. In the end, it is a good game; it has certain elements that distinctly marks it differently from other action games, but is the same at its core.

Towards the end, it gets more fast paced and interesting. The beginning was almost prepping you so that you are prepared for the end. It was pieced together in a more sequential fashion rather than being a string of same-styled action and puzzle sections. This brings out the creator's game making style as well as their intentions for this game.

The Doctor's Suggestions

I suggest that you play this game, it is a good, evenly paced game that at least deserves a play. The style can be one that some people will find enjoyable yet others will not. If you do play this, I suggest you test out the beginning first and see what is in store, because how you handle the beginning is what mostly affects you for the rest of the game. Play smart and play steady, going too fast may impair your ultimate game playing ability in this game. Most of all, have fun!

My Ratings

Action: ____.5/_____
Traps: ___/_____
Puzzle: __/_____
Enemy Placement: _____/_____
Other Placement: ___/_____
Adventure: __/_____
Ingenuity: ___/_____

Pros and Cons


Enemy Placement




Adversity of Objectives



Stacking too much of one item on top of each other

Map Shape (Not too bad, that's why I didn't mention this)

Small overuses of power-ups (Also minor)

Overall: 4.25/5

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Imperial Crush 2 Reviewed by spidapig on Sunday, February 13th 2011. ~--[Taken Aback]--~ - A game review written by spidapig for the game 'Imperial Crush 2' by staylor21fan. Rating: 4