007: In The Fire

By splatter :: Wednesday July 15th, 2009

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007 wakes up in a room, not knowing how or where he got here. The Last thing he remembered was being on a MI6 Helicopter hovering over Nuuk, Greenland on a mission to infiltrate an enemy base. Maybe his helicopter was shot down and he passed out. He didn't know for sure. He then hears two men talking. "Do you really think 007 will get out of here alive?" A man asks. "No," He responds. "I have made several confirmations to confirm his death here. Traps, explosive areas....he won't escape alive this time." "What if he does?" "He won't." "What if?" "Stop looking at the negative side and look at the positive side," the man replied. "He. Will. Die. End of Discussion. Now, let's get out of here." You hear the two men walk at a fast pace, until the sonuds get thinner and thinner and thinner until you hear no more footsteps. You then hear what sounds like an automated voice: "Greetings, 007. Welcome to our lair. How would you like your death today? Would you like to suffocate in that little room, or get killed by the guards? I doubt you can even reach the guards because this cell is explosive, which will kill you. If you do survive the cell, you will - I repeat - get killed by the guards. You have finally lost, 007. You. Will. Die." The system then stops talking. Now, here is a question: Will 007 successfully escape?__________ ____________________This will be the start of a new series called 007: In the Fire. This is the first game.


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