Splatters Mashup Pack

By splattercollab :: Sunday December 10th, 2017

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Welcome to Splatter's Mashup Pack! This was a collaborative effort spearheaded by splatter. Ten minigames have been developed by ten different sploder members, merged into a single game. It's a labor of love. Enjoy! Intro level by jigglypuff12345. Level 1 by sticki. Level 2 by shibuvsvinayak. Level 3 by probe5. Level 4 by bestatgames9. Level 5 by splatter. Level 6 by tbremise. Level 7 by wordigirl. Level 8 by princehades. Level 9 by jigglypuff12345. Level 10 by fuzthehamster/absol300.


Tags: gooditsbad