How to do Realistic Graphics WORKS

By sploderhelpguide :: Monday November 4th, 2013

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Link to sumopaint Step 1. Find a picture you want to do on Google or any other searching website. Step 2. Once you found your picture you want to do, drag it on your computer screen MAKING it a icon. Step 3. Go to sumo paint. When you go to sumo paint there is a button that says "open file from computer" click that. There you can choose from all your icons. Choose the icon of your picture you wanted to do. Step 4. Your picture will load on sumopaint. Zoom into your picture. When you zoom into your picture you can see the pixels. Start from the top of your picture. Sample each color of each pixel. Copy the HTML code. (a code with a bunch of numbers and letters). Then go to sploder graphic editor and PASTE the Html code. So now you will have the exact color pixel. Repeat step. Keep copying the HTML code and paste it in the sploder grapihc editor. How can you fit the whole picture in one graphic? you can make it like a puzzle piece and put the pieces together. Hope this helps bye! If this wins the contest It would be awesome :) Bye :D


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