Lvl13Out of the ship

By sploderlvl50 :: Monday September 20th, 2010

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Well well well..... it turns out that these "aliens" are actually your old time mortal enemies: the Thor. You see you too are alien(my avatar is a pic of the main character in this series) and your full name is "Sploder Galaxunakouga". While flying beside the Psycho-Maniac, shooting at the aliens, your ship is shot down and you land through a hole in the ceiling back into the building, lvl 13. These aliens are everywhere, lucky you got a RailGun™. The ammo fell out of the ship, and so did your crystals. Re-collect the crystals to get enough energy to fix your ship. Note#1: Since your ship got shot down, you are falling in the beginning. Note#2: When you land you should walk back to find a crystal and a key to a door.


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