Lvl14Power Out

By sploderlvl50 :: Monday June 8th, 2009

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Well now you've made it to a teleporter and gone to the 14th floor, this floor is HUGE! But from the Alien attack, the power to the whole building has gone out, and the Thor brought their blood-sucking savage Mikalongachofalitcho Bats™. These Mika-....whatevers aid the Thor or fly on their own. You still have your Rail Gun™ and you can grab your emergency flare, but there are generators at certain parts. 1:This froze my computer in the making of it ALOT so you better enjoy it and 2:The door in the beginning is locked because theres no power so it wont auto-open. and also 3: I know I like making huge names for enemies, I can prenounce them perfectly XD


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