By spoofing :: Wednesday September 29th, 2010

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Winter. Snow everywhere. You walk. Your body feels numb. Everything is cold and icy. You slip on ice. ------------------------------- You wake up and put your hand on your forehead. It hurts. Suddenly you feel all that everything mattered to you vanished. Forgotten. You hear a faint voice. You come csplode to it. "Blood, blood, blood..." You run away and cry for help. You don't know what to do. You see a car and jump into it. You drive forward towards the dead end and hit a wall. Then you felt yourself disappear, like another dimension. The car suddenly turned into a.. ship. You look ahead of you and get surrounded. "what do I do?" You press a button on your car er ship and guns pour out of the ship's bumper. You have a plan, escape this world amd it looks like you have a long way to go...


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