By startrekzooka :: Sunday January 21st, 2018

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n a post-apocalyptic world of despair and torment, the prevailing world slowly cripples into debt. As a result, many and many relying sources of entertainment, linear and non-linear information and its ideas have been confiscated. However, the only source of media that prevails in existence is of 'Pocoyo', a children's television programme. With this being solely acknowledged, it is above all, the only meaningful source of light that hope has for the world. But one day, the leading writer of the series, in a desperate position of life or death by a herd of street-ridden gang members who promise to give him enough to feed his family if he conceives the following task accordingly, decides to kill off Pocoyo', the main character. This posed several controversies where several governments took this into consideration seriously, inflicting chaos and unmeaningful catastrophes at each other, as a deliberate result. Until six months later, a group of professional scientists decided to find a way to revive the main character, by creating their own molecular videogame, to take control of a ship, and kill off the other two main protagonists, Ellie the Elephant (Red key) and Pato the Duck (Yellow key), to regain their life essences to unlock a door that pursues hope. - A blue flag, if returned to its rightful spot will revive the once dead 'Pocoyo', in the hope that it will once again bring the light to a disastrous, consuming and ironic world.


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