It's Time To Get Ready For The Aftermath...

Review by startrekzooka on Wednesday, December 14th 2011


Hello Everyone, and welcome to my first review. This review was basically my application on the forums; and today, I want everyone to examine the contents of the game. So today I'll review 'The Warrior's Inn: Aftermath' by Lordeldar. So please enjoy. Now let's bring the review to life, shall we?

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As I remembered from my flashbacks, Lordeldar's a trustworthy friend and he never lets himself down to misery. He's been a respectable guy since the start and he makes shooters most of the time. That's basically the reason why all of his featured games are shooters. First of all, The Warrior's Inn was Lordeldar's first feature. That encouraged Lordeldar to make feature-worthy shooter games; Ever since then, he's been making a lot of shooters lately in the past 5 months. Okay, Lordeldar has a limitless obsession when it comes to shooters but that isn't going to stop him get another feature, Right? Lordeldar never lets himself down. He's an overall confident kind of guy and that's what I like about him despite the times he said that he lacked views. Still, his games have been decreasing views lately and somewhat increasing but don't worry; at least, he got a lot of his best friends to count on especially here on the forums.

Lordeldar also had a few achievements recently like for example; a few months ago, Lordeldar achieved his victory as a reviewer and he's been reviewing over 34 games now which is actually an unbelievable record according to most members on the MS. He even reviewed one of my featured games and he is a brilliant reviewer if you ask me. Just recently, he passed the Mod Test and achieved his goal as a Moderator on the MS. That's a lot of achievements that Lordeldar has accomplished in the last eight months.

So now, let's go on to the review:


The first thing I saw was superiority; That was worthy as of the description; The description of The Warrior's Inn: Aftermath is an extensive paragraph that actually gives you an idea of what is going on. The difficulty is really challenging but every individual game needs to be almost uncompromising. That's literally one of the significant points of getting a feature-worthy game. There is no specific problem with the dialogue in the gameplay as well. The game itself isn't rare nor original to perfection but I do not really care about the originality of the game as it is not really much as an aspect but what I care about is mostly the puzzle, gameplay and scenery. I am quite oppressive about these. This game has a lot of traps and I am really impressed with that in the game.

There is loads of superior traps and methodical enemies. the enemies aren't too average-placed but it really goes with the game. Also; to be honest with you, there is no overall lag in the game.That is actually the truth and more or less likely, a fact. That really contributes the knowledgements and pleasure of the game. The game doesn't lack much itself but improvements should be developed with it though. The scenery is accustomed but the design lacks for quite a while. I mean, there's not much art with the shooter and it doesn't make it that original. I've seen games like these before. The thumbnail makes you want to play it but once you start it, the art decreases as you continue on with the game but it increases on some bits. But bits mean nothing to me but still, that doesn't lack its gameplay that much. Anyway, the mission is to Capture The Flag. I am totally acceptable with that because in most shooter games, the aim is to capture this thing called 'the crystal'. So the mission objective doesn't lack parts of the gameplay so that would mean it's actually almost praiseworthy so far.

The gameplay mostly have traps. Maybe I've mentioned it already but I'd like to talk more positive and negative detail about it. The main trap is known as 'the door'. Those doors can frustrate the player so philanthropically, it has a nice bit of difficulty. Traps contribute a lot in the game difficulty. In the beginning, there are three trapdoors; one in the left, one in the middle and of course; one in the right. Everybody knows that the middle door is the right door but the first time I played it, I was an unlikely fool for going left and then it went to a dead end. Everybody hates dead ends because that would mean you cannot continue throughout the game and you'll be left to stuck there for eternity. Difficulty isn't always the main problem of the game but in my opinion, I think it's the gameplay that counts.The design highly counts as well. The design lacked the game quite a while and more obvious designs should be made throughout the game. It isn't the best Warrior's Inn game but yet again; in my opinion, I think The Warrior's Inn Outro was the best. Effects are supposed to be in the game. It might result in a challenge and that's what everybody is hoping for. Most of it was ideal and out of superiority but the art lacked quite a while. I hope Lordeldar can improve this in future games. It's an important advice for everybody to deal with as well.

The pace is pure genius and it doesn't lack at all. It even goes with the story of ~The Warrior's Inn:Aftermath~ itself and that is very knowledgeable in my opinion. I mean, The pace is really fantastic and it makes me think that this is an meritorious game. I think the pace is one of the best so far in the game. The puzzle also is worthy enough which means it is indeed prodigious. I don't think it's as philanthropic as the pace. But Lordeldar's getting there anyway. He's been working on it for a while those many weeks ago so I wouldn't want to humiliate him anyway. The game is also fascinating with the enemy placement. I'd say he worked on the placement for around five-six days because I think it's so far fantastic but it isn't too far as praiseworthy as the pace nor the description. The description must have took ages to complete possibly because it takes a lot of thinking to make a story that knowledgeable. But epicness doesn't always mean it's time to celebrate; which means it could improve but the pace doesn't need any actual improvements so Lordeldar has done an excellent job at the pace itself. Motion is somewhat unbelieveable too in my opinion. No Lag is praiseworthy too.

The Action is quite addictive and it really helps with the game. The best thing is that action doesn't lag the game. I think the action is also one of the best so far but improvements can be developed if Lordeldar put more enemies and more puzzling action in the game. That is a little different from puzzles anyway. Okay, so we're almost finished the review and I think I forgot to mention the creativity of the game. The creativity is somewhere convenient in the game but I expect a bit more input such as more polygons and more puzzles. I know there's something missing. Keep trying, Lordeldar and you'll get there someday. Lordeldar needs to know in future reference. Okay, the review is finishing up now and that would mean it's time for the ratings!








-Enemy Placement





-Art/Design: __/_____

The design needs a lot of improvement but I still have found some bits that amazed me. But still, bits mean nothing to me.

-Traps: __/_____

There's a lot of traps in the game and I really approved it. But it always can lead to frustration and that is what I find most difficult.

-Difficulty: ____/_____

The difficulty was actually an excellent job. But it was way too hard for me to handle though. Maybe remove a few stuff and possibly add more polygons to make it more enjoyable.

-Puzzle: ___/_____

I really enjoyed the puzzle for quite a while but there wasn't enough that could stand out. Maybe try adding more polygons! That would improve the puzzling quite enjoyably well.

-Action: ___/_____

I sincerely enjoyed the quantities of action but it didn't go too amusing towards the end. There's not much enemies in the game indeed.

-Lag: _____/_____

There was no overall lag in the game. I found it superb and it made the gameplay a bit easier.It contributed quite well in the gameplay and it provided less stress throughout the game. Well done on trying to reduce lag, Lordeldar!

-Enemy Placement: ____/_____

I liked how you placed the enemy but it didn't really stand out obviously. It's kind of like the puzzle. But don't worry, you're getting warmer!

-Story: _____/_____

I really enjoyed the story. This encouraged me to play this game and I found this a really incredible aspect. I can imagine it as if I was there to witness the whole thing. Very philanthropic detail too.

-Pace: _____/_____

The pace was really enjoyable. No problems at all with the pace as it doesn't even lack the gameplay. In fact, it provides positive aspects throughout the game.

Overall: ___/_____

Very amusing at most aspects of the game. I certainly enjoyed it! But improvements should be developed though. Don't worry about it for now.

Creativity: ___/_____

I somehow find it quite amazing. I've experienced a lot of creativity throughout the game and it is in fact, a very intelligent aspect in the game.

Originality: __/_____

I didn't find the originality of the game too amusing but it provides a bit of skill and addictiveness. It didn't stand out too well but yet again, It's a praiseworthy idea to keep trying. Hopefully, this would bring Lordeldar some more views.

Overall: ___.5/_____

Total Overall: ___/_____

What a high standard for Lordeldar! But lots of things need more construction. Other than that, it's acceptable.


Okay, so in conclusion, I think Lordeldar should improve on the art and design but do not worry, Lordeldar. You'll get there someday and this is one advantageous advice. Like I said before, Lordeldar never let his courage down and it marks up his opportunity to become an excellent gamer. Hold on, it isn't finished yet. The action is more or less philanthropic but improvements should be developed but I can't think what. But maybe if Lordeldar added more polygons and advanced enemies, it would probably stand out and soon hopefully, it might be a major attraction.

Feature Worthy?

Yes. The game amazed me in most bits and it is a game of a unique gamer and that gamer is Lordeldar himself. The game wasn't so unfortunate but yet again, improvements should be developed. But remember, Difficulty isn't always the main problem of the game; It's the design and action that counts. So I expect an improvement with the design. But other than that, it's thorough!

So is this game feature-worthy?

The answer, my friend is yes.


The Warrior's Inn: Aftermath Reviewed by startrekzooka on Wednesday, December 14th 2011. It's Time To Get Ready For The Aftermath... - A game review written by startrekzooka for the game 'The Warrior's Inn: Aftermath' by lordeldar. Rating: 3