One Bird. One Hero. A Thousand Bees.

Review by startrekzooka on Thursday, December 15th 2011
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The Birds And The Bees is a game created by sceptile

Hello everyone. Welcome to my 2nd Review! I couldn't find a decent game to review in the Centre so I've decided to review this since there's nothing else to review for now. Anyways, let's get started.


Sceptile has been an active member since the start and in fact,He is very confidential with his games.He hasn't been communicating too much and I think I know why. He has this thing called 'Aspergers Syndrome' and to elaborate further, I have 'Aspergers Syndrome' as well. I really feel bad for Sceptile because he has a very tough time in School and he lacked popularity in real-life which he told me via forums; but if you see what's happening now, he has over 4,000 friends and that is a very rare achievement for a boy who has that type of condition. Sceptile is actually a pretty nice guy and I see that he has over 400,000 views. To elaborate further,let's see if The Birds And The Bees really is feature-worthy. Shall we?


Wow, The gameplay looks to me as an astonishment. It is very peaceful and the atmosphere is simply quiet. The Birds And The Bees is also very straight-forward and I find this common in most PPGs. Although it doesn't fail me, it doesn't really stand out in my opinion; But I find it quite addictive throughout the first four levels. I simply see that Sceptile has arranged everything in the scenery allowing us to enjoy the well-developed gameplay. If you have experienced most people's games, they don't represent much peacefulness. But then again, The Birds And The Bees is supposed to be almost full of melancholy and despondency as the story is based on such mood. But that's an improvement that Sceptile has to safely ensure...

The scenery was extraordinary in The Birds And The Bees. Loads of brilliant graphics were used in this game and I think Sceptile has done himself proud. Everything used in the scenery was well-organized and I never saw this many brilliant graphics in most PPGs. He worked so hard to achieve such a thing and I simply think this would be one of the aims to increase Sceptile's chances of getting a feature. It suits the story quite pleasurable in The Birds And The Bees and there's not much to worry about. Sceptile even created the enemies in all shapes and sizes which I think is very common in high recommended videogames like Super Mario Bros. Although this game lacked a bit of scenery in Level 1, I still find it advanced. The main character of The Birds And The Bees is a little innocent bird that looks like some creature from The Regular Show. But yet again, I find it still advancing.

The Birds And The Bees was full of originality. Although the main character looks familiar, it has nothing to do with Sploder. I find how originality can take a huge impact in the game and I find it very tolerable. With most popular PPGs nowadays, originality becomes widely used at the start of the game just to convince certain members to get far in the game but after a few levels, Originality becomes a dramatic loss and it eventually turns out to be plain rubbish. I've experienced a lot of originality in the game and I found it very common as I progressed playing The Birds And The Bees. This has been a major improvement since most of his other games fail Originality. If Sceptile made it more constructive, it would surely be original in all the levels in the game. It started getting a bit boring after level 4 but I'm still impressed with the outcomes of its originality from the first 3 levels. But then again, originality doesn't change everything. It just makes it addictive and very rare. Sceptile's games turn out to become rare in the past few weeks so I guess I wouldn't want to depress him too much in the review.

There wasn't enough brilliance and superiority in the placement and I think Sceptile should pay more attention to this one. The Birds And The Bees had some various placements but it wasn't the greatest in my opinion. The main enemies are the bees; and I've realized that Sceptile has just placed them facing a vertical, horizontal and diagonal direction. The bees were placed mostly in precarious paths; In other words, the bees were placed in narrow areas. That's one thing Sceptile needs to improve on but one thing's for sure: it affects difficulty. Now since this affects difficulty, it can be frustrating and I find this really common in all the levels I've played so far in The Birds And The Bees. But I do find some excellency in the vertical position of the bee. Secondly, the switchers were placed in fine positions but it didn't really stand out; That's the problem. but I'd love to see this to be improved in his future games. If the switchers weren't too confusing, this would surely affect addictiveness in The Birds And The Bees. But at least it's a PPG so there's not much to worry about in the placements for now; Just a few to improve for Sir Sceptile. :)

Now that's finished. It's time to elaborate further with the ratings.


Gameplay: ____/_____

The story didn't match the mood of the game too much but other than that, it was very well-developed.

Scenery: ____/_____

Almost everything was perfect but Level 1 had a loss of scenery but don't worry, I still find it pleasurable.

Originality: ___/_____

It was very original indeed but it was kinda bored once I reached Level 4 when originality started to drop. But at least Sceptile has shown enough Originality to make me want to continue through the first few levels of the game.

Placement: __/_____

This needs to be improved as much as possible. The bees were placed in very narrow passageways but that wasn't everything. The switchers caught my eye and I found it pleasurable.

Overall: ___/_____

Not a bad score. Try to make the gameplay a bit more easier and original after the first few levels. But you know what they say; A game isn't complete without it being original.

Overall, the game had a lot of advantages.


Overall, It was a constructive and well-developed game. I find it very addictive. Improvements should be further developed in The Birds And The Bees but overall, it received a high rating. If there was a lot of originality throughout the last few levels like new puzzles, type of bees..etc It would make it more achievable and possibly more addictive. This advice goes to everybody who wants to achieve a outstanding aim on their games. The longer you work on your games and the longer you edit it, you will be looking forward to success in the near future. Sceptile has worked very hard on this game and I think it deserves a lot of credit and appreciation. Well Done Sceptile!

Feature Worthy

Well, Sceptile has worked really hard on The Birds And The Bees for almost three weeks; not to mention that this game hit over 10,000 views and it achieved a high rating recently so I think the definite answer is yes. Once Again, Sceptile has achieved another aim. Congratulations Sceptile!

Thank You for examining this review.

Anything is appreciated.



The Birds And The Bees Reviewed by startrekzooka on Thursday, December 15th 2011. One Bird. One Hero. A Thousand Bees. - A game review written by startrekzooka for the game 'The Birds And The Bees' by sceptile. Rating: 3