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Review by startrekzooka on Saturday, December 24th 2011
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Alone is a game created by woodchuck

Hello everyone and welcome to my third review! Today I'll be reviewing 'Alone' by Woodchuck. Let's begin. Shall we or shall we not?


I have really high expectations for this game; and the reason why I found the game was when he posted this to me on one 'reviewing' topic that isn't related to the Centre. Now Woodchuck has been one of those members who want to earn a feature by shaping their games which turn out to become really great. He's been a kind member in the past and he's one of my best friends after Creatingames. Now we shall examine the purpose and features of the game. Onto the review..


The game starts in a narrow area with a crusher which doesn't really sound friendly. I've been almost killed by a few crushers in real life so I'm actually used to the hazards of this game. Yet 'Alone' has some disadvantages in the gameplay. I'd say it would improve if the area was more constructive. I suggest more tiling would do the trick and if the crusher wasn't placed in the beginning, it would make more actual sense. But I don't want to depress Woodchuck too much through the ideals of disadvantages in the gameplay; To be honest, there's more advantages to discover throughout the game. The game turns out to be creative from one's point of view so I think the gameplay isn't too deniable although it is almost straight-forward. The gameplay gives me a shocking idea of what's going to happen next; But I think the gameplay is also unpredictable.

The puzzles in Alone kind of surprised me because I think the puzzles yet alone created a huge scenario in the game; In other words, I totally approve of the puzzles. Everything used in the puzzle is also pleasurable with all those switches but I don't see why a grenade should be used for terms of 'puzzles'. I find it boring clutching the grenade and throwing it across the screen; But that's the main point of the game. I haven't got that far to try all the puzzles in the game since it was challenging so I think the puzzles needs to be improved to an easier rate; perhaps create new puzzles because it's the same puzzles every time I walk through the game; But Other than that, it's acceptable.

The scenery contributes a huge part in the game Alone; Although Level 1 was the most different in terms of 'scenery' from other levels. I've always seen games where they start with a really great scenery but as you go on, you suddenly think that the creator of the game must've rushed through the making of the game; But Woodchuck's game is quite the opposite so that's maybe a advantage. But Level 1 has a loss of scenery so I think that's another thing that Woodchuck needs to improve on. Perhaps the background needs to stand out more in Level 1; Perhaps place more decoration and ornaments and that will keep the player going. I'd love to see this improve from Woodchuck on his future games.

Alone itself contains very enthusiastic placement in the game. To elaborate further, the scenery contributed more placement that anything else. But there isn't as much enemies that I hoped for; there's simply more hazards than enemies in the game as I can recall; The crusher at the beginning lacks the placement and I think it should be placed somewhere else deep in the game; But it's fine to place the crusher at the beginning as it doesn't too much negative harm to the game. I'm just saying that it'll be better to place it somewhere else that has a lot of space. The health packs and the crates are also placed neatly and praise-worthy in the individual fragments of the game so maybe Alone doesn't have a lot of overall deniable placement after all; It just needs to be given time to work on.

The difficulty is very high in the game; Most people are thought to be stuck in the middle of the game. If this was my game, I would add a few more cookies in the game to slowly increase the player's health; Perhaps remove a few puzzles in the game to reduce Lag as it creates a huge disadvantage in the difficulty of Alone itself. But since Woodchuck has worked so hard on this game, I wouldn't want to depress Woodchuck too much or he'll give up eventually. Overall, there needs to be a lot of improvement from the difficulty.


Gameplay: __/_____

More individual tiling and constructive work needs to be placed presently in the game. Other than that, it's commonly fair.

Puzzles: ___/_____

It's the same puzzles used all over again throughout the game and the main puzzle of the game Alone was a grenade. So that surely needs a lot of enthusiastic improvement by far; But it's still overall has a lot of challenging puzzles.

Scenery: ___/_____

Perhaps place more decoration in Level 1 and 2. Other than that, it's achievable.

Placement: ___/_____

There's more constant hazards than enemies placed in the game and the crusher needs to be placed in a bigger space; Although it's not compulsory, I suggest it's better to place it somewhere deep. Other than that, the crates and the health packs were designed preferably well in the game's placement.

Difficulty: ____/_____

Perhaps remove objects that cause Lag in the game to reduce the difficulty as it keeps the player going. Add a few more cookies and you'll have your game to become an attraction for other certain members.

Overall: ___/_____

Very high rating but there needs to be a lot of improvements in the game. Alone has created the presence of excellency for every member who contributes their games to Sploder.


Alone overall was a constructive well-developed game although it has some disadvantages that lacked its chance of achieving something worthy. Perhaps place a few more enemies and cookies and reduce some obstacles that causes Lag so it could keep the member who's playing this going through the game. Overall I find the game almost incredible.

So is the game feature worthy?

The answer is no; if Woodchuck followed the tips I gave him, it would be a 60% chance of achieving a constant feature.

Overall, the game was quite addictive and some puzzles amazed me. I was surprised at this because I never saw this in Woodchuck's other games. Yet Alone is one of his best games yet by far so I think I would congratulate Woodchuck for working so hard on this game although it's not ready for an accurate feature.

This has been a Christmas Review!

Happy Holidays To Everyone who are reading this review.

Thank You for your co-operation, enthusiasm, feedback and criticism.



Alone Reviewed by startrekzooka on Saturday, December 24th 2011. Home Alone- What A Lovely Christmas Present! - A game review written by startrekzooka for the game 'Alone' by woodchuck. Rating: 3