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Review by startrekzooka on Monday, July 9th 2012
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CrashCrashBurn is a game created by myownself

Greetings everyone and Welcome to my sixth review. But before I start off this review, I should significantly apologize to Myownself, considering this game is a few months overdue; So today I will review CrashCrashBurn by Myownself.


Myownself has been a very well-known member ever since his first featured game 'The Ascent' which has been a major attraction since August 2011. Myownself is also simply one of my major friends and ever since his promotion to Soldier, he has become more responsible and mature but yet very funny as well. The main reason why I picked this game to be reviewed was because this was featured and I knew it had potential to be reviewed. So I thought that if no-one has reviewed it, why should I not review it? And judging from the thumbnail, I knew Myownself will not let me down.


Judging from how far I made through the game, I am certain that I see where this is going.

The gameplay was very amusing and to be honest, I really liked how Myownself came up with glitchy puzzles that were majorly placed in the game. Mainly, the frustrating puzzles kept me going and I was impressed with the way how very few people would've came up with the same idea; Although I thought I have seen the switch puzzle a few times before, Myownself probably added more in the puzzle to balance it and to make it more challenging. This would mean the vast majority of members would not understand how to pass throughout; which would contribute a lot to how challenging the game is. In conclusion, After a few worthy attempts, I could now presumably get the idea. Overall, it was quite difficult yet challenging.

I liked how scenery portrayed very well in the game; for I assume it contributes as a dark, rather mysterious background. However, Myownself granted torches to light the way through the game which is very useful tool that contributes a lot to the gameplay. Initially, I really liked it; However, there were mostly torches that contributed to the scenery system which anyhow goes to show that presumably Myownself had to construct it only with torches to prevent Lag; The tiles did fit quite well for the purpose; But To be honest, It felt a bit empty in my opinion. If Myownself tried making it more realistic, I would be pleased even more; However, this isn't all essential but I would advise Myownself to make it more visual.

The Puzzles in the game were almost repetitive from what I've observed in the game; However, the vast majority were unique. Many of the puzzles were presumably used before in other games but were changed slightly somehow to make it quite unique. The vast majority of puzzles suspected in the game are mainly focused on grenades and switches which is basically, the main idea Myownself constructs in his various platformers; However, Myownself have created something new.

The Puzzles are initially excellent potential to keep me going throughout the game; for it helps me understand the challenges I have to encounter. Overall, the puzzles were quite unique and they had a great impact to the game itself.

The Traps were very common in the game; and I really was amused with the way Myownself dealt with the puzzles to contribute partially to the traps. I could see that Myownself initially focused on how the traps would affect the game and how its standards would meet; Somehow, the traps were very convincing and it didn't stop me from continuing the game miraculously; I can see that Myownself does this to contribute to the addiction aspect and it would be very useful so members could repeat themselves in the game.

Overall, I found the traps quite advantageous.

The health was quite scarce in the game; for I see that Myownself focuses on the fatal challenges to face, rather than the health; and everytime I made a worthy move, I was somehow stunned by the challenges that has overcame throughout the game. So I had no problem with the health whatsoever, until I came to make my final move which was surprisingly caused by the mass reduction of health; however, I would advise Myownself to focus on the health a little bit more to balance the game further; But Overall, I simply enjoyed how Myownself constructs worthy challenges for the player to face.


-Traps & Puzzles







Scenery: ___/_____

The lighting effect did illuminate the way strongly and was very well contributed; however I would expect it to be a bit more realistic and out of the yellow for quite some time.

Gameplay: ____/_____

The gameplay was quite amusing and it was mainly a challenge. However, I am certain Myownself is missing something; which unfortunately isn't on my mind at the moment.

Traps & Puzzles: _____/_____

The Puzzles were quite unique; without the help of the past platformers, Myownself presumably couldn't make it a worthy challenge.

The Traps were very advantageous and it was a very good contribution to the puzzles to keep the game going.

Difficulty: ___/_____

The challenging difficulty was alright; but I would expect an increase of health in the game to lighten up the players of the game; Yet I am still partially amazed of the challenges being faced.

Placement: ___/_____

The placement was initially decent and it did blend in partially to the game. However, I didn't approve very much of the position of enemies in the game that slowed down the player often; but the enemies did contribute initially to keep it a fair challenge.

Overall: 16/25 [64%]

The game was very decent however but it had a few flaws that didn't quite fit the purpose of the game in my opinion.


Well, To be honest, the Puzzles & Traps were partially unique and it kept you going in process throughout the game; The gameplay was quite decent and it was worthy of a challenge to keep me going as well. However, the difficulty was raised at a high standard which does not meet as much standards to the game to lighten the player's hopes and was at all quite frustrating. The scenery gave it a big impact to the game as it illuminates the directions which was meant to be a very useful tool throughout the game. The enemy's position was however slightly squashed and quite a few have slowed down the player; blocking the entrance as well. In conclusion, CrashCrashBurn has been a very amusing, quite difficult, yet partially unique game overall.

Is this game feature worthy?

I could assume, not getting there to the feature worthy standard. However, the process was quite advantageous and it was yet addicting; but yet the action was quite slow. It is almost feature-worthy whatsoever overall.

Thank you for taking your time in reading this review. Appreciation granted.


CrashCrashBurn Reviewed by startrekzooka on Monday, July 9th 2012. Challenge Accepted - A game review written by startrekzooka for the game 'CrashCrashBurn' by myownself. Rating: 0.5