An Intriguing Mind Challenge.

Review by startrekzooka on Friday, February 15th 2013
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Diverse Times is a game created by mat7772

Oh, Hey everybody and Welcome to another one of my reviews. Hope you guys enjoyed your Valentine's. To get started, I'm hoping to get back on track again seeing as it's been 7 months since my last review; so to get you all surprised, Today I'll be reviewing Diverse Times by Mat7772.


Mat's games always seem to uphold a good title. True fact, he's currently on the role with 28 features to keep him going. Mat always seem to be a good sport - someone who shows determination and never lets his guard down. When I saw this game featured, hooray. That's another feature for Mat; but then there was something else.

Don't get me wrong but the thumbnail really gave me the impression it'll reflect well on his other games. I never got around to playing much of his games before seeing as I've been inactive from time to time. But all I can say is, Mat never brings up the disappointment when it comes to the platformer and shooter creator. I mean, you couldn't go wrong with this guy. 28 features, blimey hell. I remembered a time when he had none and I'd 6. Our little boy grows up so fast c:

So I was surprised when it was a PPG this time; I haven't got around to playing his PPGs and I bet it's something worth seeing. So I sat in my chair and then I got it all started.

Then I managed to complete this game in under seven minutes. Hey look, I done it. Yeyz, go me. =]

Well, that's that haha. Clench on to your bag of crisps and grab a smoothie, this is going to be all too interesting. Now onto the review.


I could tell that the the gameplay successfully justifies a straightforward aim. It's like football, you have the ball and in a matter of seconds, you desperately try to score a goal. This game is somewhat related; it sets out a goal where you can move the ball using colored paddles which could move in a restricted direction - when I'm talking about paddles, I'm really talking about elevators and sliders. Vertically or horizontally, that's basically how these paddles role.

Anyway back on topic, the gameplay is also rather mind challenging. The paddles seem to be tricky. In most cases, right is left and left is right. This could be that Mat just wants to make this game rather challenging or it's just Mat. I'd go with number one by a long shot, so you can consider it blameless on that case.

But what really gets on my nerves, what Mat calls it, this 'marble', apparently your protagonist is really sensitive.

Talk about the laws of Physics but you can lose repetitively if there isn't any Motion Resistance. Then again, it's something Mat needs to look at; if Mat comes to raise the friction, then I won't have to face through many bugs throughout the game. Especially when you're on Level 7, so I could probably be right on that score. =P

We also seem to be dealing with colored balls, skulls and some colored keys which definitely makes a challenge. These skulls really portray a tough antagonist. Like the paddles, they can travel upwards, downwards, left and right. The colored balls are your average 'elves'. They support the marble to make sure that getting the goal is possible.

But then, you have colored keys. It's the colored balls' job to touch these so that doors could open for the player.

This game really wants you in. Once you start playing it, you're in a world full of pretty colors where you can guide the ball safely to its goal. If you haven't played it, I can tell you're missing out. True fact, this game is so addictive but then at the same time, it's too irritating the fact that some objects can be so sensitive. Your paddle stays in a crowded area and then it's like being sent all the way to China. Unbelievable, I may be losing my marbles but those bugs often occur when I jump in; But at some point, this game really keeps you going. Hit the ball, pass; goal. It's a game.

Although it isn't just a game. Rather a mind challenge where you have to avoid skulls and then there's small areas where you're expected to be patient or get it done in a split second. Piece of cake, this literally makes an exceptional challenge.

The game is also fairly easy; I mean, it took me 20 minutes at first haha then it proved that it can actually be beaten in a short period of time; but you have to know your order. You won't even know which comes first, Should I drag the skull first then start paddling or..? All these questions really come to mind when you're getting pretty far in the game.

Honestly, it didn't look easy, all you had to do was ask yourself a couple of things before you start the level. Sometimes with the description, Mat just couldn't explain it right so I totally messed up lmao; so Mat always pressure me haha.

Well, that was it. Done and dusted. Time to give his game a score.


- Straightforward and Mind-Challenging Gameplay

- Satisfying Difficulty

- Neat Scenario

- Fun


- Sensitive Objects

- Really Low Friction


Gameplay: 3/5 - Long story short, The goal was pretty straightforward. I especially liked how Matty makes various tools to simply guide your player through; though some objects would really make it buggy.

Difficulty: 4/5 - Nice score, the game was a piece of cake. I liked how Mat makes it a challenge which literally gets the game going.

Creativity: 3/5 - The idea was to guide the ball to the goal. I specifically enjoyed the idea of avoiding skulls and unlocking doors.

Scenery: 5/5 I liked how Mat justifies the different colors in the game.

Addictiveness: 4/5 Really fun though the game itself can be rather frustrating. You won't even know whether they tell you to get it nice and slow or get it all done in a split second. Sometimes, the marble tends to be a bit off. Rather to make it a bit more irritating lmao.

Overall mark: 3.8/5

Nice score, this game really astonished me in some way or another yet there were some good few bits to improve on.


Honestly, this game was pretty enjoyable; I liked how the game brought you in and there were bits you couldn't resist. Mat really brings his game making on the highest peak, he honestly couldn't have done any better. Though I'd expect Princess Matty to work on his improvements and get it going.

In my opinion, this game deserves more that just an audience. There was a lot to enjoy in this game but then again, it has its ups and downs. There was more to it that just a goal and a paddle though; I really wouldn't mind playing this game again.

Well to end this,

This game in my opinion deserved its feature on that precise score and I wouldn't mind playing some of Mat's games in the future.

Good stuff, Matthew and keep up the good work.

This has been another review by Startrekzooka.


Diverse Times Reviewed by startrekzooka on Friday, February 15th 2013. An Intriguing Mind Challenge. - A game review written by startrekzooka for the game 'Diverse Times' by mat7772. Rating: 5