Piggy Strikes Again

Review by staylor21fan on Tuesday, November 30th 2010
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Opprobrium is a game created by superpiggy


Sorry. This will be a little bit shorter review due to the fact that I didn't get very far in the game.

Also, Noobs Get Out. This isn't an easy game. It's hard. Good Bye to all who can't take a challenge.


Ahh, SuperPiggy. A great platformer maker. Never seen one bad game by him. Lets see if he can kick it up in this game.


Well, to start off, I'll go ahead and say, this was yet another great game by SuperPiggy. It wasn't much of an action game, but more a puzzle. He starts off with a brand new puzzle with checkpoints. That took me a couple of tries due to it was the first time of me seeing the puzzle.

He used a massive variety of puzzles in this game. Some were very original, some were used in other games. The ladders took me about 3 tries to get them right. He also used Mastams "Wizard 101" puzzle of sand blocks and the steamer. He had a nice variety which kept you puzzle every second.

There were very little enemies in this game, but who's really thinking about enemies when you have puzzles that blow away you every second?

From what I saw this game was very unique and clever. He put A LOT of work into this. You can tell by just looking at the scoreboard. A game thats over 10 minutes long has to have a lot of work out into it.

I would write more and would love to, but I have to stop due to the fact that that's all I saw in the game. It was very challenging. If you're one of those noobs who hates hard games, you'll hate this. Also, this is a note to gamers who comment on games they don't like with rude and nasty comments. Do you really think anyone wants to hear you say something like, "This game is so hard I hate it. Why does it have to be so hard? Dumb Game." If you don't like the game, don't comment unless your giving the maker improvements to make.


[All Out Of Ten]

Puzzle: __________

Action: N/A

Adventure: ________

Enemies Placement: N/A

Placement Of Puzzles: __________
Creativity: _________
Design/Map: __________

(Sorry for the short amount of ratings)

Overall: *********.72

Great Game SuperPiggy!


Opprobrium Reviewed by staylor21fan on Tuesday, November 30th 2010. Piggy Strikes Again - A game review written by staylor21fan for the game 'Opprobrium' by superpiggy. Rating: 4.5