Legendary Game.

Review by staylor21fan on Tuesday, December 14th 2010
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Flicker is a game created by liv33vil


Alright, I'm sure everyone has heard of/played 'Flicker'. Yeah I played it a long time ago, so I'll tell you exactly what I thought then.

Liv33vil is a very talented game creator and all creators. He has gotten all his fame from shooters though. Let's hope he could top them all as it seems if his games just get better and better.


Without a doubt, this is one of the most creative games I've ever played. With the epic idea of making a whole game 'Flickering'. Well, this is a fairly easy thing to do. But, as it goes with art and paintings, he was the first to do it. As an example, splatter paintings. Anyone could paint a bunch of marks on a piece of paper and call it art right? Well, same goes for this. He was the first to do it. All the fame goes to Liv33vil.

One thing that very much surprised me was that there wasn't many people who turned around and made the exact same thing. Remember when Bobbler made the game, 'Getting Your Licence'? After he made that, there were about 200 games with same idea and all. Literally, 200.

The overall game play, was also fantastic. It makes the game more difficult when it is on and off of darkness. Try going through the bouncy part while its dark. Ha, that was probably the easiest part of the game.

It is rather a maze game. Pick the right path at the right time, you'll do fine. I made it pretty far into the game, which helped me make a rather constructive review. There was a lot of invisible walls, which made it even more challenging. Doesn't everyone like a challenge?


Action: ____ / _____
Puzzle: _____ / _____
Creativity: _____ / _____
Fun: _____ / _____
Addictiveness: _____ / _____
Placement: ____ .5 / _____
Overall: ____ .99 / _____

Yet another, great game by Liv33vil.


Flicker Reviewed by staylor21fan on Tuesday, December 14th 2010. Legendary Game. - A game review written by staylor21fan for the game 'Flicker' by liv33vil. Rating: 4