[Staylor] Spear Of Death

Review by staylor21fan on Sunday, February 13th 2011
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Spear of Death is a game created by mastam

So I'm back to reviewing you could say. I've taken a huge break. Well first of all, Benisaewsome and Elroysice, don't whine and scream, you reviews are coming. :)


So, mastam is a phenomenal user at game making and a good friend. I've played many of his games before, (All of them since he doesn't have many. =P.) And they are fairly good. Mastam games aren't the most shiny ones that make you stare and want to play them. They are most of the time the puzzles and new things that he brings to the game that are interesting. I've never been disappointed with his shooters, but I haven't cared much for his 3D in the past. His platformers are Ok, some are fantastic, some of his older ones are ok. But, his shooters is what he is made for. Can he top the chart with his newest shooter, "Spear Of Death"?

Game Play

So, you start off with a trick, normally used for lowering a player's health right off the start which is what mastam did. Now, I'm not going to say much about the game-play because there is so many choices that you can go that I would make this page extremely long and no one would spin time reading it. :D. But after you exit the nitro trick, you come across a mortar to the right. Defeat The Spear and a few other games are the games that really use the mortar in the way that can demolish a user. By this, I mean that they don't set a mortar right in front of you. Then there's no purpose for it because the bombs were flying across your head and there would be no purpose for it.

Back to the game, there is many choices and about half of them are traps. Some of the traps were kinda bland because they were really plain and nothing really new. The top advice I can give to someone about a game is every time you add something that people may have seen before, add your own twist. That's what people will notice and love. Not saying that it's bad to use something that someone else had though. It did have a few newer clever things in it though. I really liked the bounce polygon puzzle.

The Good, the bad, the ugly

The Good

Enemy Placement. Even if you don't make it that far into the game, you can still notice the great use of enemy placement with the mortars or the speeders. There wasn't puzzles that really 'stand out' in the game because really the whole game WAS a puzzle. Action was pretty good. Not overdone, not too little.

The Bad

Meh, the worst thing was really the scenery. Yeah, yeah, scenery doesn't matter, eh? Well, it actually does. It pulls a lot more people into your game. Remember, everyone plays your game. Even people you don't think. Another con is that there were really nothing new as I said until later in the game. Some of the things later on were clever.

The Ugly

Watching me trying 8 times and not even get through it that far. >.>

This game had a splendid amount of puzzle in it as if you had no logic you would have no luck whatsoever in this game. As I said, he had a few new things to the game, but not many of them were close to the beginning. I liked the variety of choices in the beginning because it made you second guess you self just about every time.

My Final Words

This, lastly, was a fantastic games by mastam. Although I spoke more about the cons, which should be noticed, this game was still phenomenal. That is why this game wounds up with a score of a 3.8/5.