By stickdude1234567 :: Friday February 5th, 2016

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Sally.exe is a sequel to Sonic.exe, (I don't care about some of my spelling errors in-game.) But except that there were no graphics that I wanted to use or it will be boring, you'll see, so yeah, this game is boring... -_- WARNING: AT LEVEL 8, IT WILL MAKE YOU JUMP SO BE CAREFUL!!! DX Btw, in level 3, in the bottom right corner, it says "Sega 69", the reason why I put that because I don't want anything bad to happen in this game, ever. Leave a comment and tell- oh wait, you can't because someone removed the comments section. : ( Or you can make a video about this if you want.. (I don't know what else to say, but this description is kind of long, so sorry about that.)


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