The Ultimate Infuriating Survival

By stickdude1234567 :: Wednesday March 30th, 2016

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Welcome to "The Ultimate Infuriating Survival"! Where the game takes place as you the poor, slow, star, looking blue orb, struggling very hard to survive all of those big, dangerous, harzardous, glowing, evil, cruel, brutal, annoying, irritating, ungrateful, enemy or boss orbs. (Sorry about that.) I actually don't know if it's possible to beat this, but let me know if anything goes terribly wrong in this game, (it might take forever to fix or change them though.) Oh, and don't ask why some bullets don't disappear after you get hit by one of them, they're supposed to do that, or otherwise it will cause problems during gameplay. (Besides, they should go away by themselves anyway... Just give them some time, and they'll do it, ok?) TIP #1: Noticed that some bullets appeared to be doing more damage? That's because some of them are in these situations: Overlapping, (which may change one of the bullet's appearance with thicker colors, lines, etc.) TIP #2: Don't slide on the walls, because they can slow you down, (I mean it could've been that obvious or something...) TIP #3: Stay away from the danger zones from the main orbs, (the ones that don't move, and kills you instantly if your player orb contacts with them.) Just try to analyze, picture, sense, or do whatever you need to do to figure out where they are, because if you don't, you'll become more vulnerable to their attacks in those spots, (although it's still difficult not to get too much damage.) TIP #4: It takes so much practice to master your survival skills to gain less damage before you've immediately failed miserably, because you're too close to your hitpoints (penalties) limit, (it also means that you're pretty close to dying.) TIP #5: I don't know how to explain this one, but try not to get yourself trapped in these impossible situations: like surrounding yourself with a lot of bullets around you, (it means that you're their easy target to get re- I-I mean, get hit.) Slow reactions, timing, or movement skills, etc. (Which means that you're reactions, or whatever is on your mind are attempting to move away from the danger zones WAY TOO SLOWLY, why can't you make your brain go faster...? -.-) Reaction, timing, movements, etc, (please don't judge my grammar here, I'm trying so hard to get people to understand what I'm saying as clearly as I possibly can... -_-) Anyways, as I was saying, your brain might react too fast, (which could ruin your skills, and might end up being more vulnerable to those dumb big orbs' attacks.) Just try balancing all of those things, and you should be fine, (if you know what I mean...) TIP #6: Depending on your computer's frame rate speed, graphics card, etc, might need some upgrades, but if the gameplay is going slowly, it somehow makes things easier to dodge the enemy orbs' attacks, but if the gameplay is going too fast, it makes things nearly impossible to advance any further through the game, (that is if you're pro enough to dodge them like Sanic.) TIP #7: The pattern isn't always the same, because some levels can change them with different delay attacks, it also adds new attacks every level. Try to study that horrible pattern, and you should be good. TIP #8: Umm... Sorry, but I'm out of tips, but maybe someone in the comment section might give out some more useful tips, (that is, if they're EVER willing to do it...! >.


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