By sto4 :: Thursday November 19th, 2020

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Sto4 has returned to the land of Jmctopia, but he's somewhat lost. A man by the name of Blackhole2 has taken Sto4 into custody and may kill him. You'll have to rescue Sto4 by climbing vines, jumping off of bridges, walking through the land, possibly solving puzzles, and much more! Get your radar set up and hit the road; this will be one heck of a rescue mission! Sto4 features graphics from the following users: Deathwarrant83, Kelvynchang, Mentor, Iball4, Gamefreak82, Mrtuxthepenguin, Theromen, Timwelch, Ninjadancer77, Fangdam7920, Australia, Filiptokic, Davidmason, Amcrhoads, Starwarsfan316, and Furfurrykitty!

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