InfinityRim, An EGD Contestant

Review by sto4 on Monday, July 9th 2012
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InfinityRim is a game created by netshark

Game: InfinityRim

Maker: Netshark

Genre: Platformer

Hello, I’m back with my third review on an EGD gamed named InfinityRim made by Netshark. I’ve beaten the game (8bit version) in a total time of twenty-two minutes and seventeen seconds. We’re going to find out did I waste twenty-two minutes of my life, or did I thoroughly enjoy that time because of an EGD game? Stick around and you’ll find out, in detail, if InfinityRim was worth my while.


Epic Game Drop (EGD) has just finished and I wanted to check out some of the interesting looking games I could find, and InfinityRim popped up in my mind. The hype for InfinityRim and the screenshots showed some interesting details of the game, but screenshots can fool you, and not everyone tells the truth about their games sometimes, so I attempted to play the fascinating looking game and hope that I could get far enough to thoroughly rate it and give details on what is good and bad about the game.

The thumbnail looked very interesting and showed great scenery along with a lot of places to walk on, but doesn’t show too much action. Thumbnails may attract users to play the game, based on how well designed the game looks and if it looks like an okay difficulty look-wise. I strongly admire the thumbnail of InfinityRim, because of the well used scenery and decent looking difficulty, but keep in mind thumbnails may tell very little about the game without the fluent experience of the game.

Let’s start off with the scenery, and keep one question in mind: Is it worthy to even look at? The scenery was well used and absolutely did not let me down, because the variety of background tiles were efficiently used and wasn’t randomly placed like others may disappointedly do. The scenery accurately displayed the storyline as if a professional company like “Insomniac” made the game; it was astonishing and kept me amazed the whole time playing the game. Remember the question? Well, the answer is yes and maybe too well placed.

EGD was a great success involving incredible gameplays, but did InfinityRim have a great gameplay? Was it long enough to be considered an epic game? Keep those questions in mind while I explain in detail about the gameplay in general. The gameplay didn’t involve too much action, but was more of an adventure-type game which I personally like way better than action games. The length of the game was just amazing, you won’t be disappointed with a well-made twenty-five minute quest, that blew my mind because not only was quantity a major factor, but quality might have sworn over the length which can be hard to find nowadays. I greatly admire the stunning level designs, and normally the first level of these huge EGD games are rather pointless (Fun-wise) and boring, but not only did InfinityRim hold an amazing story-line in the level, but added some great adventurous elements like allowing great exploration, and some decent action that may get you killed. Another aspect of the gameplay that blew my mind was the almost flawless enforcement to follow the storyline, by making you go through dead-ends by doing a certain something that I must not reveal.

The traps were brilliantly placed, and once you are in them, the only way out is death. I really enjoy traps like this, because that is the whole obvious point of traps; you’re supposed to be trapped! Along with the great level-design must come great trap design which was a great success for an EGD game. The frustration meter was off the charts which is great for a possible game, nobody can say it is impossible now! The importance of traps is greatly needed, but Netshark successfully pulled this off, and I’m relatively proud of him for doing so.

Placement is a very important factor to any Platformer game, because without great placement is a game without the worthiness of a feature, and definitely not going to be placed in the EGL. InfinityRim greatly displayed true professionalism, and was undoubtedly one of the best, well-placed games I’ve ever experienced with the Platformer creator. First off, everything was accessible without any difficulty caused by unneeded objects, and accessibility is an important factor to having a perfect difficulty on your game. The background tiles were perfectly placed, which reflected off the story and setting stunningly well, it made me feel like I was actually in the game which could be abnormally brilliant. The enemies, although weren’t placed often, were almost perfectly placed so the player can kill them without any impossibilities, but were still relatively difficult to defeat. There weren’t any puzzles in InfinityRim, but for the style of the game, puzzles aren’t necessarily needed, but could actually harm the game in minimal ways. Netshark did a wonderful job in placing everything, which makes the game ten times better.







Oh if only.


Creativity: 5/5; Well designed, and thought out game in which deserves all of the praises given by me, and any other member.

Gameplay: 5/5; InfinityRim was absolutely fun, and a toe-crawling game that requires patience that is hardly ever seen anymore.

Traps: 4/5; The traps were great, but could have been improved by maybe adding a tad bit more, or making it easier to fall into them.

Placement: 5/5; Everything was well placed, and showed some professional work hardly ever seen at this present time. The enemies were well diversified, and greatly made up for the lesser amount placed.

Scenery: 5/5; Well displayed background that will be enjoyed by many ages, and is probably going to be the best scenes in a Platformer game for a long time ahead of us.

Addictiveness: 4.5/5; InfinityRim could be highly addictive for players that have the great need for adventure, but also has the patience to accomplish the goals given to them.

Overall: 4.7/5; InfinityRim was almost flawlessly made granting the right to an EGD winner, or relatively close to winning it all.

REVIEWERS NOTE: As always, in the overall calculations I rate scenery half of the amount of the other aspects due to personal opinion, but I display it out of five to reduce suspicion. Again, I’ve completed InfinityRim in 22:17, so I’ve had the full experience to this masterpiece.

In conclusion, InfinityRim undoubtedly deserves a feature and perhaps has potential to go even higher, the great royalty position of an EGL entry. Although it has potential, I would have to say it is not worthy of a placement in the EGL only because it is not quite there, but could still be marked as an above average feature. I greatly appreciate the dedication, and hard work put into InfinityRim to be considered an above average success. I hope to see more from you Netshark, and receive all of my best luck to winning EGD 6!


InfinityRim Reviewed by sto4 on Monday, July 9th 2012. InfinityRim, An EGD Contestant - A game review written by sto4 for the game 'InfinityRim' by netshark. Rating: 4