Atomic Man: Deception Island

By stupidguy17 :: Sunday June 21st, 2009

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Two people strongly against Atomic Man fonud him, but decided not to give him back to Vruidken. When Atomic Man left the building, the two men attacked Atomic Man. One man secretly hit him from the back, and he was blacked out. The other man dragged the unconscious man to a small hijacked plane, and they took him to Deception Island, an island in Antarctica. They trapped him in a sealed box. When Atomic Man awoke, he found himself in this box, and he has to get out somehow. He also saw a note in the box that said, "Atomic Man, you are here in Deception Island to die. Even if you escape, we have tons of soldiers stationed here who actually know your weakness, which can disable the power of any weapon you hold momentarily. Even if you destroy all the guards, you'll never find a way out of Deception Island." No one singed the note. Well, Atomic Man will find a way off this island.


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