Atomic Man: The Final Battle

By stupidguy17 :: Wednesday June 24th, 2009

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Made from the guards' guns in Deception Island, you made a powerful canoe. While you were in a base in Deception Island, you heard that Vruidken, the man who had a bounty for you, was know moving his jail to Brazil because Brazil has needed resources. You go to Brazil, and you find a robot which you can battle in. This robot could probably make you more powerful than you imagined. You get in, and you go into Vruidken's lair. READ THIS ONCE GETTING INTO BLUE SPIDER: "You! Man in Blue! Do you know where Vruidken is?" Atomic Man asked. "What makes you think I will tell you?" The Man in Blue asked. Atomic Man shoots the man in blue, bleeding like hell. "How are your shots that powerful?" He asked, going to the ground. "The wound will heal," you respond. "I repeat, where is Vruidken?" Atomic Man gets out his saw and hovers it over the man in blue, right next to its neck. "He's in the next room. His cape has a red key on it." Atomic Man slices the man's head off. READ THIS WHEN YOU GET TO YELLOW KEY: "Who are you?" The Man in Yellow asks. "I am Atomic Man, and you better give me the yellow key so I can beat Vruidken's ass." The Man laughs. "What makes you think I will do that?" Atomic Man then shoots the yellow man, but his bodyguards get in front of him, taking damage instead. The Man in Yellow laughs. "You want my key? Well, kill my bodyguards and me." RED KEY: You finally made it to Vruidken. "Why did you put me in that cell in Texas?" You asked him, sawing him. No damage was taken. "Everyone wanted you there. I put a bounty on your head because I wanted you back in that cell. You are a threat to our community." Vruidken responds. "Do you know how it's like to be in that cell for 33 years? Do you? I spent my whole life, rotting in that cell, in horrible conditions." Atomic Man replied. "Complained the Peanut Gallery. Tch tch tch. You're actually lucky I didn't choose to kill you instead of rotting in that cell. You better be happy you're actually here right now." Vruidken said. Atomic Man said nothing. He attacked Vruidken. AFTER YOUR ATOMIC HAS GONE: Afte battling Vruidken for a very long time, Vruidken gets out a green spear and stabs Atomic Man's robot. The atomic is then drained out. Vruidken throws it on the ground. "Your atomic power is now gone. You are a regular person again. Now, are you happy? Also, if you dare touch that spear, the robot will explode, killing you. That spear can only belong in the hands of mine." Vruidken said. "I still faced living in that cell. I still faced not seeing the outside world for 33 years. I still faced the memory of having this superpower, and you take it away from me. You think I'm going to just let go? Well, you're wrong. Prepare to die, Vruidken."


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