Hang Castle 2: The Dungeons

By superluigi77 :: Saturday March 7th, 2009

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Yes! It's finally here! The long awaited sequel to that exciting classis Hang Castle has at long last arrived! ---Story Time--- After braving the perilous halls of the Hang Castle, the fortress of the great tyrant Blackjack Cortez, the crystals you gathered react to being in one another's presence. They fly off in the direction of where you first entered the castle, the central plaza. The crystals sink into the ground and in their wake is a spiraling staircase leading down into the dungeons. Adrenaline fueling you, you hurry down the stairs after them. Finally you reach the bottom and Behold! You have found the long lost treasure of Blackjack Cortez, his bounty of majic crystals, called the Eldunari, that were the source of his nearly infinite power. They are guarded by his most elite forces. Gather all the crystals and destroy them so their evil power may never be used again. Or make their power yours. You know. Whichever you like. Destroying them would be good but whatever. Okay, now stop reading this and get to work!


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