By superpiggy :: Saturday January 12th, 2013

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In a dark wood, generations of stories about a great treasure emerge. Of course, you want it all for yourself, to sell the treasure for millions and live the luxury life you deserve. But there is a problem...Civilization in the forest has been untouched for hundreds of years and the people are known to be crazed cannibalistic psychopaths. Being the hammer-head you so truly are, you shrug off the possibility of danger and drive your truck deep into the heart of the forest. You then stumble across an ancient temple, preserved perfectly for thousands of years. When approaching the temple you hear a strange noise. You pul out your blade, but it's too late. The natives capture you and prepare to roast you alive. You must escape, find the precious treasure somewhere in the underground temple, and make it home in one piece before anyone else!


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