Five Nights at Freddys

By supersonic72 :: Thursday December 24th, 2020

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[Published this on October 15th, 2014] Hey, pal, I'm the old guy who watched this place every night. This message is prerecorded. So, 'bout this job. Sure, its only $4 an hour, but, hey, whatcha gonna do? So any ways, this is Freddy Fazbear's Pizzaria. Noth'n much happens here, other than the animotronics that move on their own, and , well, they sort of want to, um..stuff you inside a Freddy suit. You see, they're left in some sort of free roaming mode at night. Something about their servos locking up. They used to be allowed to rome around during the day, but then there was the bite of '87. Yeah, Its amazing that the body can live without the frontal lobe...Well, anyways, that wouldn't be such a bad thing if it weren't that the suits were full of electrical wires and metal spikes, overall, killing you. So, yeah, the machines may have some glitches or something. Anyways, see those doors beside ya? Yeah, use them to defend yourself. Click on 'em with that cursor of yours and press space to use them. Ofcourse, that will cost power, and the power we have here can only supply you to close the doors 4 times. You can drag your vision (the eye) around if you like. Anyways, seeya next night, we'll talk again then.


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