By svsv :: Monday December 26th, 2011

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Storyline: It's the year 3011, and planet earth has evolved into a part planetary space station, which is free for any other alien species to inhabit, although the original inhabitants of planet earth have been pushed aside and classed as D.O.T.S (destroyers of the new society), because rightfully, the humans disagree with the new planetary system, and they believe it's wrong that alien species are entitled to live the high life, whereas the humans get pushed aside, and have to live in the core (the core is the remaining part of earth, that didn't evolve and was left for the humans to inhabit). So the humans finally agree that that will form an alliances, and rebel against the evolved earth. They name the alliance :MaximuS:, Which is the fist initial of each members name and they begin to rebel, although they have underestimated the leaders of the E.E (Evolved Earth), and there they lead the alliances into a trap. You are named :M:, you were the creator of the alliance, and you have been separated from your crew on attack. The E.E leaders believe that by taking down the leader, the whole alliance will fall. So they lead you into one of there hardened attack force facilities, and you belive by stealing the attack force defence crystal it will stop other aliens entering the plant, due to no proper defensive system, although it's a set up so you get trapped inside the facilities and have to gather the crystals and escape alive.


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