Castle War 2

By swedenplatformge :: Friday November 20th, 2015

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Special thanks to : Makever, for letting me use his tree graphics! There was a lot of content left out from this game. And the original level design for Castle War 2 was completely scratched. Why? Well... I felt that this new "level design" needed more work. So I chose a different one which is also very different from the first one. The prototype for Castle War 2 alpha levels will probably be used in a future Castle War sequel or spin-off. Thank you guys for your support! Go ahead and celebrate my 1st anniversary a second time by playing this game, which from what you can tell. Is the sequel to my first game, other word Castle War. The "save people" concept, was thrown the last minute before the game got released. I felt that the game needed more dialogue so that is why I did it. And also to give the world more atmosphere. "Save" concept is inspiration from the Spyro games. The game`s positive feedback : * The game was released 20th augusat got a MINI PATCH 20th Novemebr and here is what the MINI PATCH does add : 1) Platforming cheating being harder to pull off if not impossible. 2) Less grapples. 3) Harder to use wall glitch to skip parts on the levels. 4) Better looking textures in the castles to the left in level 3. 5) Leve 2`s blue ring being inside tile glitch now gone! 6) Level 1 runs smoother (got rid of the big tiles behind the small once which existed before also leading to a 7th positive)! 7) The graphic glitch from the start is now gone! 8) The blue tile connecting to blue tile upwards in the start is now gone! 9) Platforming kinda less cheap in level 2.---Full screen support:[/flash]

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