Classic Sonic Remix

By swedenplatformge :: Sunday August 25th, 2019

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The name "Classic Sonic Remix" is a name I came up for this game, since I tried to emulate different level designs from different classic Sonic levels. However, half-way through development I gave up on that idea and decided to make my own original ideas for level design structures. [Note: If the game crashes for you (or if you die and don't wanna replay from the beginning) then use these links; level 2-9: or if from level 3: or if from level 4: or if from level 5: or if from level 6: or if from level 7: ] And that's as far as I go, since I obviously want YOU the player to at least be able to beat the last 3 levels in one run. (I don't wanna handicap you too much, lol).


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