Mind Chaos

By swedenplatformge :: Thursday September 1st, 2016

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This game started It's development after Castle War 2's launch. It was made for the main purpose of taking the criticsm Moolatycoon gave with his Castle War 2 review. To make an even better platform game. The game's original attention was not to enter EGD10 but now I made up my mind that I will do that. This game's original attention was also not for it to be my 2nd anniversary game. This game has tons of easter eggs with all sorts of member rfs! Try to find them all! Special thanks to the game testers : Moolatycoon, Sto4, Gaminator (And I also want to thank everyone who has supported me through these 2 years of my game making. We have got far. I'm very proud of you all. I want to especially thank people like mario10007, Thebluesun for supporting me very much from the start and paying attention to my progress). Full screen http://www.sploder.com/game2.swf?s=d0052dpp&cs=1[/flash]


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