Space Warrior Advanced

By swedenplatformge :: Thursday May 30th, 2019

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Main narrative: Our main heroes are flying on a ship in space when suddenly… BOOM! A ufo suddenly appears and shoots on it; making it explode and land on Planet Itroria. Where there’s a war going on that has started, but soon our heroes find out… It’s not only there, but on different planets as well! And planet Aria and planet Gadora have received a power gem somehow, which if it gets to the people in the wrong hands… Could cause problems. Watch our heroes get to those gems, all while they kill the leader that is behind all of this! To end this war once and for all! [Note: If you died at level 3 then play from here:] If you died on the "Space Ship" (level 6):] [Or if you die on level 8 then play here;] Also fun fact; Level 2 and 3 were intended to be in Space Warrior 2, but were added onto this game instead…] ; (All while they were drastically changed in the process).


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