Space Warrior

By swedenplatformge :: Monday November 20th, 2017

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Please read: This game is made to be like an action arcade game. Basically, it's easy to beat but hard to master. Like with arcade games in general, despite them being so short... You hardly discover everything on your first run, and you have to master the game in order to know of the best paths to take with the best amount of weapons & armor.-----------This game's graphical art-style was inspired by the Metroid franchise, while the core gameplay is inspired by the Sonic franchise. Specially: the Classic Sonic games which I studied closely when designing the levels in this game (with the exception of the final level). The core two reasons why I made this game was: 1) I wanted a sploder plat Metroid looking game (ofc) and 2) I wanted to take the complains from my previous game Sonic Boom Rol to make an even better game!


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