The Epic Adventure 2

By swedenplatformge :: Friday January 29th, 2016

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PLEASE READ : This game takes inspiration from Mario10007`s arcades. (While at the same time he got the "emerald" like world name idea from me). We are very close friends to each other so that is why we like to take inspiration from each other as well. And while this game does take inspiration it still does It`s own thing with the level design, coin placement , enemy placement etc. So this is my second arcade as you probably already know.. And if you manage to beat it I will send you one golden award! Anyways, hope you enjoy the game! And also yes I know that I stated this was going to be released early 2016 but I wanted to keep it as a secret. It was a christmas surprise of course! Special thanks to game testers: Nza, Gaminator, Troyio, Demonxz95 , Moolatycoon, Mat7772---- And thank you so much Mat7772 for making my first truly worthy feature game getting featured become possible! *Full screen version:[/flash]* review of the game :[]---Game released 27th DECEMBER got a mini patch at 15th January which fixes the hidden path in level 1 stage 3 glitch and some enemy placement issues in certain levels.--UPDATE AT 25TH : Fixed golden ring not appearing glitch at 3-3-.-.-Update 29th January : 1) Fixed background glitch at 2-2. 2&3) Fixed checkpoint issue at 2-3 and 3-1. 4) Fixed placement issue in boss fight at 2-4. 5&6) Fixed & Improved enemy placement issues in 4-2 & 4-3.

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