The Epic Adventure

By swedenplatformge :: Monday June 1st, 2015

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I`m proud to say that this game I made has won the Sploder reviews month next to Super Arcade Bros! Thank you guys so much for your support! Original desc: My first arcade game. Let me know if you found the parkour too difficult. Because if that is the case then I`ll make an update fix on the parkour. The trick is to use up and right at the same time in the correct timing when jumping on small platforms. Anyways enjoy! ----Game released 2th april. Got update fixes 3rd april. Here are the fixes that version---- 1.1 gives : 1) Enemy placement when spawning not as cheap and unfair. 2) More enemies added to world 4. 3)Background (scenery) added to every single level in the game except in world 4. So only being background details in the first stage of a level is no longer the case. Now there is more background details! ------------------------------- ANOTHER UPDATE APRIL 4th! 1.2 : 1) Danger signs 2) Ability gems at the end of world 1 ------------------------------- UPDATE APRIL 9TH ! 1.3 : Parkour in first world easier now. ------------------------------- UPDATE APRIL 26TH ! 1.3.2 : Checkpoint problem fixed in level 1 stage 3 ------------------------------- UPDATE 1TH JUNE ! 1.3.3 : Grammar problem in first stage "hole" now changed to "whole". And Mushroom Land Stage 3 now has better graphics! ------------------------------- Credits goes to : Mario10007 for mentioning the (MAIN)flaws and me later fixing them. And thanks to tlaizaakztriker for mentioning the checkpoint problem. And thanks you thebluesun for mentioning the grammar problem. ------------------------------- The game`s positive feedback: screen support:[/flash]

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