The Mysterious Temple

By swedenplatformge :: Sunday April 24th, 2016

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Special thanks to : Bluecat2012 for making a story to this game that I could use. [THE GAME GOT A MINI PATCH 2 DAYS AFTER IT'S RELEASE THAT FIXED A MAJOR GLITCH THAT STOPPED YOUR PROGRESSION IN THE LAST LEVEL IF YOU DIED. Also it added no lighting mode]. Special thanks to Mat7772 as well! For testing the game, and who pointed out that flaw for me to later fix! And also! Thank YOU Mat7772 for making this to my SECOND FEATURE!! This game was more of a side-project I kinda had along side with THIS ONE BIG PLATFORM GAME I have worked on like ever since Castle War 2 had been released. So you should look more forward to that game instead! As it will be a BIG GAME, like no kidding. Full screen:[/flash]


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