Test Your Computer Speed

By swegawaffle :: Saturday August 13th, 2016

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TEST YOUR COMPUTER SPEED: ============================================== ============================================== This isn't your average Classic Shooter Game. This is actually a speed test you can run on your computer to test how fast it is. Keep in mind this is probably one of the first inventions on Sploder like this, so it may not be perfect, it may not be accurate, but it will be interesting to compare your score with your friends. How does it work? Well it's as easy as this. You are timed, and you must get to the crystal, which is just straight ahead. But unlike the timer in the physics puzzle creator, it doesn't lag if the game does, meaning you can run out of time if you lag. Seems rather stupid but believe it or not, that's how this speed test works. Basically, you try to reach the end. The time you have remaining at the end is your score out of 30. This should let you know if your computer is good enough to run most Sploder games at the least. If you score 20 or more, you're probably good. If you score 10 or less, you're probably gonna wanna think about getting a new computer (if it can't run this, it might not be able to run anything XD). Post your score in the comments! (*NOTE: If your computer can't run this speed test (or you run out of time) then you score a 0. Or y'know, maybe stupid Adobe Flash is just out of date again! Who knows these days? XD) ============================================== ============================================== Released on August 13th 2016 | ©2017 Waffle Inc.


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