The Robotic Uprising

By swimmer18 :: Friday January 29th, 2016

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Wow, this is certainly surprising. I never thought this game was that good, and I'm expecting it to get unfeatured soon, but thanks to presumably Mat7772 for featuring this. Please vote and comment to tell me your opinions about the game and how I can improve in future games. | STORY: The year is 2216, and humanity has been dwindled to a population of only a few hundred people on the moon because of the devastating nuclear War of 2186 that destroyed all known human life on Earth. All seems to be going well, until one day, when the advanced robots that live alongside humans start to malfunction, and they start killing humans and taking over the main city, Lunarville. As a response to the robotic uprising, the government sends twelve police officers to stop the riots and destroy the robots if necessary, but eleven of them have died. You are the twelve, and humanity's fate is resting on your shoulders. Good luck. | CONTROLS: arrow keys to move and jump, F to dash left, H to dash right, G to ground pound, and the mouse for shooting bombs. (Level 2 and beyond)


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