By synthesis :: Sunday May 27th, 2012

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This is a collab between me, mat7772, boredgame, nellac, and applepieofdooms. Storyline: (Written by the one and only boredgame.) H4v3 y0u 3v3r w0nd3r3d wh4t l13s w17h1n 7h3 my573r10u5 r34lm5 0f 7h3 c0l0r 0f l3m0n5? D34r 7h1ngs 4r3 5w33t y37 50ur, pl3454n7 y37 571ng1ng.. D035 175 c0l0r h4v3 50m37h1ng 70 d0 w17h 17? W3'll 533. J0urn3y 7hr0ugh 7h1s l4nd gu1d3d (uhh s0rt4) by 4 v0ic3 (17'5 r34lly ju57 73x7, 54dly) 7h47 w1ll 4cc0mp4ny y0u 7hr0ugh0u7 7h15 b1773r5w33t pl4c3 cr3473d by 5 57r4ng3 57r4ng3 m1nd5.----------- Translation: Have you ever wondered what lies within the mysterious realms of the color of lemons? Dear things are sweet yet sour, pleasant yet stinging.. Does its color have something to do with it? We'll see. Journey through this land guided (uhh sorta) by a voice (it's really just text, sadly) that will accompany you throughout this bittersweet place created by five strange strange minds.


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