Chronicle Series Pt.1

By taken405 :: Thursday January 14th, 2010

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DON'T READ THINGS UNTIL YOU GET TO THE DESCRIBED PART! DON'T PLAY UNTIL YOU BEAT 'Oops'!!! Read Once you begin: I need to get out of here... I Bet if I hit that switch up there, I can get the key to my cell! Read Once You get to Orange Door: I need to get through this door, but the switch is only high enough for a Ninja! Wait... If You slash against a wall continuously, You fall slower. If I use my aerial attack on a wall (Not Switch Walls!), I sling up REAL High, allowing me to reach higher places. But It won't work on this Orange Electronic Door, because It just doesn't. To reach the wall above it, I need to jump higher. I Jump Higher when I'm not touching a wall. Read Once You Get Power Crystal: Yes! I got the crystal! Wait... OMG THIS IS A LESSER POWER CRYSTAL!!! Oh well, It will get me through Yellow Key Doors. I bet I can get through that door over there by hitting the switch on THIS side, the same I did the other side. Read Once you Regain equipment and Win Pt.2: I got My equipment back! But I have to get out of here and collect the Main Power Crystal that the Ninjas have!... Better get to it...

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