[EGD] I'll Save You! (After I Beat These Challenges)

Review by tbremise on Sunday, August 20th 2017
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The Vengeance is a game created by mat7772

A Review of The Vengeance By Mat7772

Opening Remarks:

Here�s my second review for this EGD, the winner of EGD overall! Mat772 is well known already for making great platformer games, and even has some games in the Epic game library already! Could this game be another? Let�s dive into the game and find out!


The Vengeance is a classic platform maker game that feels open and welcoming to almost all players. We begin the game being introduced as a prince, and someone has kidnapped princess Matty and left a present to another dimension! Now you have to go through multiple trials per level to try and get back the princess. Ah, another princess rescue story, classic and well executed for this game.

The level design and the accompanying challenges are great! The first level is set in a jungle where you need to achieve 3 of the 4 challenges. You have a sort of hub location where you can check your progress and see how many more you need to do, but if you get all 4 challenges you get a nice prize to add to beating the level! The platforming feels solid, climbing to the top of the trees, avoiding archers and bats, dealing with bosses, all fun and fair. The placement of the health and other items were all placed with care and it makes the game seem even more finished. The second level has an interesting mechanic where you can go to different water levels for the one setting if you trigger a �button�, which I found very cool! (Note I have not gotten past level 3 so any neat mechanics that may come later are not mentioned as of right now).

Next let�s discuss the overall look of the game. The Vengeance feels like a classic game that I would have played when I was younger, all the placement feels well thought out and the 8-bit style makes it feel even warmer. The few graphics that were used felt like they belonged in this world and helped engage me more in being pulled into the game. This game just feels really complete with the style, story, and the well-designed levels.

I always need to say that every game has its flaws, but it really can be just nitpicking things at times� The Vengeance doesn�t feel unfair, the level design is nice, and the placement of items makes the game playable for even amateurs. So far one of my only issues is the lava swing challenge (because I am terrible at it). That is one of the only times I started getting angry while playing this game to be honest.

The game is hard to criticize if I can only complain about the things that I found challenging instead of what actually were issues.

Alright let�s do the final verdict:

The Good: Great game, feels solid and fair, also pretty fun!

The Bad: The platformer makers controls are the only real complaint at times (can be touchy :( )

The Ugly: My face as I play through the lava swing challenge�

Gameplay: 5/5

Creativity: 4.5/5

Decoration/Feel/Background: 5/5

Traps: 4.5

Addictiveness/fun: 5/5

Conclusion: 4.8

That is the highest I�ve ever given in a review, so dang it must be good! The Vengeance is an amazing addition to the sploder game library and I thank Mat7772 for being such a good game developer and giving us this game to enjoy and play. This game deserves it�s feature, the first place overall EGD, and dare I say even a place in the EGL?