A Story in a Nutshell

By tebandall :: Friday November 6th, 2020

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This game is meant to show you a game with each of the level from 1 to 6 have 3 stages. Made this under a day. Few hours have been worked on this game. I hope you enjoy this game, also if you like this game then like, comment and put your thoughts in your comments if you wish to do that. Also including what levels will be about (kinda) Level 1: Introduction Level 2: Adventure Begins with a follower Level 3: Lab Chaos and going into town Level 4: Lazy Hero Level 5: Money is not the Answer Level 6: The Final Level Level 7: The End All these levels are just the names of what will be if they have. So... Each 3 stages, a narrator or a reader will tell a story what's going on and.. Of course.. i decided to add bit more fun and non sense into it like it tooks 5 googol years to finish a complex task like saving some one. Feel free to play and review this game (if you're a reviewer).

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