Icy 2 By Markark

Review by tegers on Sunday, May 8th 2011
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Icy 2 is a game created by markark

My second review!


Markark is a really friendly guy with fun & excitement in almost every game he makes, Icy 2 was requested so I thought I'd check it out...


Icy 2 is just another Physics Game but has a great scenery that really goes along with the title, so the plot is to rescue your friend, easy enough. Level 1 had no enemies but alot of spike hazards, the first part where you jump over the spikes were impossible, so that made Icy 2 a little bad. So far level 1 isn't all that good, and there's one thing that needs a fixing in it.

Level 2 was better. It took more time to get through and if level 1 was improved a little bit more this game would of been worth a lot more fun to play. You can get more challenge through this game by the icesicles that are falling from the ceiling, and don't want those to hit you. So this game was basically just 2 short minigames put in one, I wouldn't call it feature worthy just yet though.


Great scenery - This game had scenery that goes along with the title alot and really makes it look like an Ice world

Challenge - Icy 2 didn't have too much challenge but you might want to be slow while playing and if you don't want to mess up.


Level 1 improvement - This level needs to be tested and probably improved on a little bit more, it was kind of rushed a bit.

Addictive - This game isn't really that addictive, once I finish it I never really get the urge to play it again. Which was also a little bit bad for this game.


Fun: __/_____
Challenge: ___/_____
Scenery: ____/_____
Action: __/_____
Overall: ___/_____

Final Thoughts

Icy 2 wasn't too great, I wouldn't of chosen it to review but it was worth a shot. This game also needs some improvement and fixing too, though.


Icy 2 Reviewed by tegers on Sunday, May 8th 2011. Icy 2 By Markark - A game review written by tegers for the game 'Icy 2' by markark. Rating: 3