By teme1 :: Sunday February 14th, 2010

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u just got thrown down a pit by your classmates u have no idea whats going on but its sure strange........ luckily u got thrown down a old elevator shaft with some supplies there used to be an old thug mine down here but tere probobly long gone....... u got out of there and u discovered there was a hole in your wall and the other side was blocked by logs at least u have your trusty escape area..... u find that your own drone just attacked u your wondering whats happening u finally get out of that mess and find that the key has been canged..... u climb up the tower u usually use to get up to your warrior training class u find that they attacked u i wonder whats going on u get farther to the archer tower and use your level five keykard to get into the sensays room he seemed to attack u and there was a glowing light coming from bellow his room....... it was a portal u walked through it and then.... OOF u hit the ground hard then u figured ou the door seemed to open now u found some more drones hit u not very suprising..... u went down a new pit and found that there was a zorg an odd creature u were wondering what that beeping on your radar was...... u destroy him and find an escape pod u get in thinking it couldnt take u anywhere worse..... plz rate it


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