The ELBs

By tgrahler :: Monday January 5th, 2015

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Thank you for playing! Also you might be here, because I told you to look here. I wanted to tell you that this is not a game to rush through. I want people to play this game and enjoy it for what it is, and that is an open-world, fantasy, rpg! Also be sure to stick around for more dlc-like updates that will add a lot to the game. Though I did make a complete game there were just a few fun things that I didn't have time to put in. That's what the updates will be for! Thank you for reading all of this, and I hope you enjoy/enjoyed the game! Also if you want to stay updated with when the updates will be out and what they are then go to this link here: Updates: v.1.01: Cars and Parking Garage v.1.01.1: Hovercrafts v.1.01.2: Attack Vehicles v.1.01.3: Improved Vehicle Graphics v.1.1: Map expansion, Mutants, Sharks, Giant Fish, Jetpack, Able to get all abilities v.1.2: NPC Graphic Improvements, Wild Enemy Encounters In Deadler City, Slightly Improved Helmet, More E.L.B. NPC's on The Cloud, Underground Maze leading to hidden treasure and other secrets (level 7)


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