Sploder Wanderers

By theawesomediamond :: Friday May 25th, 2018

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The Sploder Wanderers have been attacked by The Warden, an infamous prison warden known as a dangerous killer. The Warden teleports the Sploder Wanderers to different locations to separate them from each other so his minions can kill them. However, this determined team won't give up that easily. ----- Play as TheLuckyDiamond (Lucky), the Speed Type, and get through the slime-infested forest known as Lucky Woodlands. ----- Play as Meecha773 (Meecha), the Air Type, and pass Meecha Station, dodging lasers and robots. ----- Play as AwesomeGuy78 (AG), the Endurance Type, and go into AG Castle, a place he abandoned long ago and is now inhabited by ghosts who won't be passive until AG fixes the broken walls. ----- Play as FuzTheHamster (Fuz), the Sly Type, and get out of Fuz Lockup, the infamous prison with corrupt guards searching for you and prisoners waiting around every corner to shank you. ----- With The Warden's minions ready for a boss battle after every level, this adventure for the Sploder Wanderers won't be so easy. ----- ----- Original Concept: TheLuckyDiamond ----- Lucky Woodlands Level Design: FuzTheHamster ----- Meecha Station Level Design: FuzTheHamster | TheLuckyDiamond ----- AG Castle Level Design: AwesomeGuy78 | TheLuckyDiamond ----- Fuz Lockup Level Design: TheLuckyDiamond ----- Lucky Woodlands Boss Design: TheLuckyDiamond ----- Meecha Station Boss Design: FuzTheHamster ----- AG Castle Boss Design: AwesomeGuy78 ----- Fuz Lockup Boss Design: FuzTheHamster | TheLuckyDiamond ----- Story: TheLuckyDiamond | FuzTheHamster | AwesomeGuy78 ----- Cutscene Design: TheLuckyDiamond ----- Artist: AwesomeGuy78 | FuzTheHamster ----- Special Thanks: Meecha773 | Lavalinn | WhiteKirby9 | TheGrandCoal | -----


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