[#3] ''Mine'' The Gap

Review by theloaf56 on Tuesday, May 30th 2017
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minecraft is a game created by boytucker


Boytucker(Or Butter, as I will call him for the rest of the review) is known for his unique personality. However, his games aren't necessarily the best. However, he released Minecraft, a game that became Butter's first ever feature. The game has been controversial in terms of its feature, and it has also been praised. Did Butter earn his feature? Or will it be an underserved feature? With all of that out of the way, let's begin.


Let's start with the presentation. The game has a cartoony, colorful look to it, just like we'd all expect from Butter. However, the backgrounds aren't that interesting to look at, since they aren't really that detailed. Other than the uninteresting backgrounds, Butter delivers on the presentation.

The story is utter randomness since I have no clue what's going on. However, it's one of those games where you have to decipher what's going on judging from the dialogue and events happening without any description of the story. The dialogue is unique since the game has bad grammar and acronyms, giving a humorous touch to the game.

The gameplay is where most of my issues with the game start to come in. The game is really simple, and I didn't think it was fun to play. Levels range from generic enemy fighting levels to collect the crystals levels. Honestly, it didn't feel like anything new. The game also has bad enemy placement. None of the enemies were placed in reasonable places, making the game a pain to play. Overall, the gameplay is simple and uninteresting.

Pros And Cons


Great graphics

Unique narrative


Bland backgrounds

Terrible, simple, and generic gameplay

Poor enemy placement

Being unforgiving to players

I'm not going to do scoring in this review due to the fact that it is hard to score a game like this(which has a mix of good and bad)

Final Thoughts

Overall, Minecraft is a good and bad kind of game. The graphics are great and the narrative is unique, but the backgrounds are uninteresting and are an eyesore, the gameplay is terrible and generic, and the enemy placement is poor and it feels like a pain to play. It's not bad, but I don't think it deserves the feature it received.

I hope you enjoyed the review. Sorry for the short length. I haven't written a review in a while. See you next review!