temple of silence

By thesparky1 :: Wednesday May 28th, 2014

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Temple of silence - Camp Hudgens level 1 - Your goal is to make it to the concessions stand. Start at the ceremonial columns of the Temple of Silence. Grab jet pack use it once. Hold the "C" key to use it. Go into the old Hudgens health center by going through the side door. Activate hatch to leave. Watch out for bats and the plasma hatches. Make it to the concession stand picking up items you need later. Grab the gold coin in the concession stand to advance to the next level. Temple of silence level 2 - An extremely difficult level. You need to act fast. Take advantage of the protective gear. Move fast and get the extra life modules (hearts). Your goal is to make it to the Unit II lodge. Get jet pack to get to top of water tower to get extra life. Climb the camp water tower to reach the other side. Fight off bats, fish, and Monguls to reach Unit II lodge. Temple of silence level 3 - You are the waterfront supervisor and its time for camper orientation. You must make it down to waterfront before you get attacked by a myriad of Monguls, nijas, animals, and bats. Temple of silence level 4- A scifi flare. Unit III at Camp Hudgens always had a space mystique. We would watch the Russian spy satellite go over. The milky way was perfectly visible over there. So you must fly a spacecraft from the main camp to Unit III lodge where you can escape to town to get some soft serve icecream before Bro. Paul finds out you are gone. If you space pod crashes, just get up and fight your way through with the rail gun. Temple of Silence - Level 5 Camp Hudgens sewer system is backed up again. Could be a blockage done by former staff pouring clear cast down the drain in the crafts hut. You need to safely navigate the sewer pipes, get to the sewer lagoon, and activate the capture the win token. GAME HINTS: Remember that armor weighs and limits flight time with a jet pack. You sometimes need to leave off the armor to fly far enough with the jet pack to win.