Stuck in Google

By thewafflelord :: Sunday November 12th, 2017

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NOTICE: ============================================== Because I am still not very happy with how this game is my most popular but also arguably my worst game (depending of if you’re into proper games or nah), this game will be getting a complete overhaul! Expect it to be done fairly soon. If I break the current game, it’ll be fixed by the time the overhaul is done. ============================================== WARNING: THIS IS NOT A HATE GAME TOWARDS GOOGLE OR BING. I MADE THIS FOR FUN, SO DON’T BE HATING. ============================================== ============================================== STUCK IN GOOGLE: ============================================== You are stuck in Google, and you want to escape to Bing. Doing that however isn’t really going to be very easy though. ============================================== ============================================== Released on March 3rd 2016 | ©2017 Waffle Inc.


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