Dark Quest

By thomyohne123 :: Thursday August 23rd, 2012

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Welcome to Dark Quest: The Quest for Owlie. There are four places you must travel in the search of Owlie: Underground Cave, Tunnel World, Demutye Village, and Geogaux's First Castle Entrance. Here are some summaries for the places. Underground Cave- It's the battle to find the general. General has cars, weapons, and other necessities. You must kill all enemies underground, then go overground, and drive to the Castle of Demutye and kill the enemy mech. Tunnel World- Traveling through tunnels is not so easy when it comes to being Sploder. Figure out the correct ways and kill the enemies while at it. Collect health packs! Don't die. Demutye Village- One step away from Geogaux first castle. Get in the General's car(s) and travel and kill the mechs. A "THUG" as general calls them made twenty mechs appear. Can YOU kill all of them? Geogaux's First Castle Entrance- Kill all the enemies to pass the entrance and get into the castle. (On a different level) Use all the things you are given, although you aren't given a lot.


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