Legend Of Flappy. DEMO

By thunderboom :: Tuesday February 18th, 2014

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Credits to people who provided graphics but all the speech graphics and Flappy bird graphics were made by me! Please let me know if you find any bugs or glitching on the game so I can sort it out. This game will be, fully, released around the middle of March. This is a rough DEMO and hasn't been tested. CONTROL TIPS: After finding a A,W,S,D object, try and bump into it before moving it. A is up. S is down. D is right. W is up. These are all you'll need to know for the demo. STORY: In a small village named: Etoria, Flappy's whole family (from the beginning of time until now) have been heroes. This year, he'll have to carry on the Family Name as 'Legendary Heroes'. But can this small, 14 year old bird prove it to his fellow villagers? He's going have to find an adventure. It'll be tricky, but being a Hero is in his blood. The question is, what happens if he doesn't prove himself. What if he never will be able to? You will need to help him along the way.


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